Elegant ring made of eighteen carat white gold set with a 0.88 ct. natural London blue topaz embraced by 0.10 ct. sparkling diamonds.

Topaz, the gemstone with many colors. The name "topaz" is derived from the olindian word "tapas" which means "fire or glow".

Over time, the focus has been on topazes in golden colors such as orange, yellow, blue, brown and green. It was also topaz in these colors that the Egyptians loved. They believed that the gemstone had encapsulated the warm, golden glow of the sun god Ra. The Greeks wore topaz in the belief that it could make the wearer stronger and even make him invisible. Later, the Romans believed that the topaz had a special connection to the god Jupiter.

Diana Ring – 18 Carat White Gold – Natural London Blue Topaz – Top Wesselton Diamonds

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